WooCommerce Design & Development

WooCommerce is a customizable, open-source, e-commerce WordPress plugin that can convert any website to a powerful online store, offering full flexibility to meet the needs of any business. Still not sure if you want to use it. Keep in mind that up-to-date almost 4m websites use WooCommerce or 68k of the world’s top million websites.

Now, is this enough for you to know that the platform is really reliable for your online store? We at Grind have solid experience designing and developing online stores based on WooCommerce, working closely with businesses and brands to help them grow and sell more and more online. Get started quickly and make your way.

UX/UI Design

Every new project starts with wireframing of the main concepts around it. Which means outlining the features and shaping the UX. The next part is designing the UI based on the wireframes.

Front-end Development

The most important step after the design phase is to implement the visuals on the website. We add interactivity and a polishing layer over the product, making it shine. We use the best front-end technologies that guarantee a smooth, reliable and fast online store.

Plugins Development & Configuration

No matter which platform your online store uses, you are doomed to extend it with additional plugins. Sometimes the ready-to-use plugins are not the best solution for an existing problem. That's why we have experts in developing custom plugins covering our client's needs.

3rd Party Integrations

You don't need only an online store to have your business running. To make sure it is perfectly tied with your commercial operations, we provide integrations and assistance with any other system like ERP, CRM, shipping courier etc.

Integration of tools

Reach your goals faster with the right sales-boosting tools. The most common integrations we do for almost every new project are with marketing platforms like Hubspot, Klaviyo, Stamped.io, Facebook & Google remarketing tools etc.

Store Customization

You want a customizable online store, don't worry we know how to do it. Our experts can customize the WooCommerce checkout process, shopping cart, loyalty program, custom product templates, product upsell and many more. Not only that but we can also customize existing WooCommerce extensions or build new custom extensions to fit your business.

On-site SEO

The right approach for the front-end accompanied by the right SEO extensions for WooCommerce guarantees your on-site SEO will be on an excellent level.

Migration to WooCommerce

It can be very challenging to migrate from one platform to another, and if not done by a reliable development agency – it can turn out to be a total nightmare! We have the necessary knowledge in re-platforming by migrating businesses from other e-commerce platforms to WooCommerce.

End-to-end QA

One of the most important ingredients for every software project is the quality process. We have a checklist with hundreds of points where an online store can break and we check them regularly in the process of development and maintenance on a later stage.

Post-launch Support

And now it is alive. Just kidding the online store is live now and the support starts here. We don't abandon the project at this stage and continue to support you during your online journey.

Our Process


Planning & Research

We begin by performing a rigorous audit of your market space. Who is your core audience and your main competitors? What are their concerns and values?


Prototyping & UX

Prototyping involves rapid and collaborative iteration of wireframe concepts, layouts, and directions.


UI Design

Once we've agreed on finalized prototypes the design team steps in to create detailed design of the online store for desktop and mobile devices.


Front-end and Back-end Development

When the design team is ready, the development team steps in to alive your product.


QA, Go live & Measure

Finally, we go live to the world.