Brickfielder provides the first-ever golf T-shirt with permanent back protection. Combining on edge technologies and functional design in order for golfers to aim higher and achieve more. Our task was to launch a new online store engaging professional golfers, increasing sales and presenting the key concept of Brickfielder innovative products.
In partnership with eDesign’s team, we invited the user to explore the store with an eye-catching, simple and user-friendly design. The whole experience was developed on WooCommerce ensuring Brickfielder e-commerce store is quick and easy to use.








What we did

Front-end Development

Back-end Development

WooCommerce Development

Design by eDesign

The Challenge

The development of the Brickfielder new online store seeks to achieve two main goals: provide the demanding target group of golfers with a complete set of information about the revolutionary T-shirts and attract more customers that previously were using the brand Amazon profile. The challenge included design and e-commerce solution, which should inspire visitors to stay on the page as long as possible and hopefully to find something beautiful to wear.

Eye-catching Main Page

The goal of the home page is to explain Brickfielder T-shirt innovation in a way that anybody could understand it. We wanted to stay away from high-class terms and explaining how this waterproof membrane works. The second overcame challenge was Brickfielder online store to meet raised expectations as an innovative brand introducing to the market the latest golf trends.

Product Listing

Golfers can choose easily which Brickfielder Т-shirt want to purchase. The e-commerce solution also has a bulk order option which enables shoppers to order for a whole sports team. Some of the bulk customer’s benefits are logo origination and not maximum quantity product availability.

Product Page

The online store overcame the challenge of the customer not being able physically to touch the products, by presenting them in as optimal way as possible. The product description is distinguished by size, measures, similar products, information about delivery options, bulk purchase options and all of that as simple as they can.

Cart and Checkout Page

The most important part of an e-commerce product is the checkout part. This is the point where if a user is disappointed the sale won’t happen. Our goal was to maintain a simple user experience without a difference between single and bulk order. Challenging us we developed an effective and convenient check-out page provocating interest at Brickfielder and increasing sold products.

Responsive Experience

The e-commerce experience was executed to the smallest detail which included responsive design. Not matter if it is a tablet or smartphone Brickfielder online store will work just fine.