In the era of faux text or why creative content matters

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Lorem Ipsum is now the ruler of the digital world. Every digital professional has used it at least one in their work career, and some of us are even using it right now. The usage of faux content, completely monotonous, as fake Latin, AI-generated, or templated online found copies, is preferred by most of advertising and web agencies. You will ask – why is this a problem?

Let’s find out what are the problems with fake Latin, AI-generated content and templated text:

The Lorem Ipsum story

Lorem Ipsum is dull and imaginary writing used by designers and developers to get the client approval when the original copy is not available. The text is been used over the printing industry since 15 century and now is its time in the web development field. The unbearable truth is that Lorem Ipsum is a corrupted version of “De Finibus bonorum et malorum”, a first-century BCE text by Cicero, with words altered, added, and removed to make it nonsensical, improper Latin text. So what is the problem with using it? —> Why designing something you don’t understand? Why writing something that you can’t read? The usage of unreadable content can’t give your customers the feeling of the website, and if they can’t feel it – how to say if it is the best or the worst? Lorem Ipsum is a way of delaying decisions about content.

The power of AI and why not use it

AI-generated content has become a trend so big that some universities even have courses dedicated to the topic. Let’s not deny the pros of artificial content – easy to be done, cost less, efficient and using more than one platform at the same time. Companies, such as Bloomberg, use AI to fill reports and files, however, the power of content is not the words, but the feelings. AI is not human enough, and honestly, this is great.

Online templated text

In the era of information, it is tricky to write genuinely interesting content which users not only to see but also to read. Imagine yourself sitting in front of a computer with the most attractive website you have seen but with Lorem Ipsum text. Now is your time to write the information down but surprisingly you don’t have any ideas. The easiest decision is to copy the text from some online site that you like. Google has a problem with your choice. Some nasty googler will be notified that two websites have the same information and will blacklist, at worst, your page. There is a big difference in rewritten content and fully copied data. If you, as a company, copy content, or even an entire site, this is called plagiarism. Plagiarism is the practice of somebody else taking someone’s work and passing it off as their own. It’s illegal, and this is why you have a copyright symbol in your footer.

After so many negative points, the question that arises is “Which content matter after all?”. Being a web design and development business, we from Grind Web Studio create apps and online solutions, for us, content is like honey in your tea – it is essential. There are pieces of advice – why it is important to write your content:

  • Customers will trust you more: People are sympathetic creatures who love the personal concept and examples. It’s more likely your customers to believe you, if they step in your shoes and perceive the situation from you angle – show examples, write your stories, give a glimpse of your work.
  • Show expertise: Nobody, except your clients, can’t entitle you an expert. The high-quality content in your blog, that provides entertaining and useful stories, will show your understanding of the field of study.
  • SEO: The fuel of every search engine optimization is the content. Extraordinary content matter more for your business than copied one, letting your company be the first in every search engine.
  • Attract new visitors: Let’s imagine that you looking for advice on how to optimize your content online and every second article is the same. It is frustrating, copied content is everywhere. However, you find out a completely different blog, filled with editors jokes, personal advice and useful tips, you love it, and hit the subscribe button. Now, imagine how much more customers your content can attract to your business.
  • Increase lead sourcing: the latest and most used social media lead generation techniques include, you can’t guess, creative content. If the content is well written and target the wanted audience, the leads, that come to your company, will be warmer, and more likely, to close than leads who were cold sourced.
  • Drive web views: customers are more likely to visit your online store or web page if they find useful information. By creating and posting custom written content, you can build interest and drive more web views of your business.

The truth of content marketing is that creative content is always better than the stolen one. In the era, where copied writings are everywhere, creativity and useful information are valued. Nowadays, it is really hard to be the best, but the difference between all creative content creators is the unique perspective of things.
Let’s not forget that different people read distinctive stories and authors write different – so unique content is important to be created.
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