Difference between customer experience and user experience

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Since the beginning of web development, two words have been spreading around – user experience and customer experience. You probably know both but are you sure what they stand you?

User experience and customer experience sound pretty similar but the truth is they are not. However, we should not forget that CX and UX always come hand to hand in the company success.

We from Grind Web Studio can give you these two definitions

User experience or UX is the way how a person interacts with a given product – an app, website, e-commerce solution or another type of user interface. UX is about the usability of the product, information architecture, navigation, comprehension, learnability, visual hierarchy, etc. — all combine to create the UX, whether positive or negative. The main aim of user experience is to make sure that the provided solution solves the right problem and the same time is efficient and easy to use.

On the other hand, customer experience or CX focuses on the general experience a customer has with a company. It is the customer’s experience with all brand channels – like an umbrella showing all the brand channels and products via only one online store or an app. Some CX parts are customer service, advertising brand reputation, product delivery, etc. Excellent CX examples are the emotional connection between customer and brand, on-time customer service, great copywriting, social channels and customer engagement with listed products.

The difference between them is not easy to be found, cause both CX and UX are equally important and go hand by hand. For example, if an online store or an app has a bad layout or is hard to find the menu tab, customers won’t be pleased and will press the red cross faster than you expect. Or if they can’t find where to write their email, it is likely to stop using your online store. So the ultimate goal of every web product is the perfect CX and UX mix.

UX vs CX

Bad UX but good CX

Let’s say you love photography. You are excited that you have found the perfect app, and you give it a chance. However, you find the interface confusing, and you can’t even see the feature you want. This is an exquisite example of bad UX. This irritates you but there is a customer support button so you call. A really nice guy picks up and explains to you how to find the feature you are looking for. You are satisfied – great CX example.

Good UX but bad CX

Let’s name our character Bill. Bill makes a google search for government service. There is a web site government.info, and he searches for the needed information in it. Bill finds it easily because the site has a perfect search engine optimization ( SEO). The UX is excellent, and Bill is still using the site. However, he has a specific question on how to complete a lengthy form and call the given number. After waiting for more than 10 minutes, Bill is frustrated and hung up. He tries again later but the answer he receives is not full. This makes his customer experience unpleasant. Goverment.info succeeded in UX but failed in customer experience.

So how to make UX and CX work together?

Easy users feedback

Have a section on your web site with all need information – address, phone number, e-mail. Also, don’t forget about social media channels. Most people nowadays prefer writing a Facebook message rather than calling and asking.

Personalize your web page
The main sameness between CX, UX and marketing – personalization. Create content for your website that fits the business niche. Don’t use template texts, add recommended products and even better hire a content writer and let you CX shine.

If you wonder how – read the article How to write killer product descriptions.

Let UX and CX communicate

The created online solution should have a great UX and interacts with CX. Most of the time web developers don’t communicate with customers, and that is how good UX and bad CX are born. Ask or make a research on how the audience use related sites and use the information to develop a great customer experience.

Closing thoughts

Both customer experience and user experience are crucial and should go hand by hand. If a web site has a bad layout and hard to find the menu, this will frustrate the user and make him/her not use the page again. Moreover, if the person can’t write an e-mail or can’t find the address of the company, they likely won’t recommend the company no matter how good the UX is. Let say it – CX and UX are different but on the same path.

We from Grind Web Studio can give you this advice: “Мake unique web sites, apps, online stores, etc. but don’t forget to build a brand that the customers will love.”

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Still wonder why UX and CX are different but two pieces of one process? This funny video can explain it: