GoAyo is an innovative product that alleviates jetlag and energizes users through light therapy. We designed the website, to help visitors easily understand the science behind the product, connect with the knowledge of specialists as well as the personal experience of other clients. Accompanying the website, we created a mobile application for iOS and Android, which helps the users to complete the sessions and beat jet lag. 



What we did

Wireframing & UX

Website Design

Mobile Application Design

Logo Design

To create a logo for a product, with hardware and software employing a method scientifically proven by Harvard, Oxford, NASA, was a real challenge and a really exciting task for our team.

Background preview

Preview on paper

Mobile application wireframing

Every big journey starts with the first small step. We start by wireframing and sketching the general idea and the best possible UX.

Set departure and arrival information and get a plan with the best times to use AYO to cope with jet lag.

The next step of the process is to start designing the real product as soon as the wireframes are finally approved.

Set "Beat jet lag" goal

Set departure and arrival information and get a plan with the best time for you to use AYO to cope with jet lag.


First touch to GoAyo is the website Homepage.

Product features, testimonials, science proving the technology: everything a client needs to decide to purchase this innovative product.

image for section

Features page

Learn more about the technology, how the product works, how the mobile application can help you, and many more features.