We worked with Contour’s team to help elevate their brand and completely reimagine their online presence. Starting from scratch we kicked off the project with a week of brand immersion followed by a quick sprint to help define the new user experience as well as set a new visual direction. With more than 60 000 products and more than 500 new products added to the website every day, Contour has one of the largest offerings on the local market. With such a wide and frequently changing inventory, the site design was focused on functionality and usability. While different motivations may drive the purchase of clothing online, compared with those on the street store, the experience of shopping in Contour.bg is considered as a very important aspect in the way customers build their connection with the brand.






What we did

Design for Desktop

Responsive Design

Front End Development

Back End Development

Business Integrations

Server Infrastructure

The Challenge

The relaunch pursues two main goals: firstly, to provide a highly functional and easy-to-use interface which aims to show more than 60 000 products in an easy way and make the shopping experience a pleasant task. Secondly, Contour is redefining its vision of selling not only second-hand but also outlet clothes. The differentiation between the two business models was a very important step that requires a professional approach, visually and functionally into the site.

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When the users lands on the homepage

The challenge on the homepage is to keep the bounce rate low and to keep the user’s attention and satisfaction with banners that communicate the hottest promotions and the best offerings.

  • Banners
  • Discounted Products Feed
  • New Products Feed
  • The Best Brands

When the users lands on the product page from ads

No matter if it is retargeting or a first-time visit, the only purpose is to sell the product as soon as possible. Clean design, easy UX, rich set of features like “Wishlist” convert the user to the customer faster.

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Wishlist Feature

The user experience in second-hand shopping is different than the regular online shop. This is because second-hand clothes are unique products without more than one product in stock. Features like “Save that product for later only for me” hook the user easier and make the shopping journey more addictive.

Checkout - where the conversion happens

Shopping cart abandonment increases and the conversion rate drop significantly on the checkout step. But it doesn’t have to be that way!
In fact, you can increase the conversion on the checkout page by giving your shopper a simplified checkout process to make a more confident decision.


Responsive experience on mobile and tablet

Responsive Design: no matter how big is your device screen, you can make your order very fast and secure.