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The pharmaceutical companies are one of the most interesting clients we have worked with. To design and develop a web solution which will help people is a real pleasure and also a great responsibility. That is why, we gave a 100% of ourselves to make ABOPharma online catalog the best it could be.
The health of people is the main priority of ABOPharma, one of the main producers and distributors of high quality, healthy products. Abo Pharma’s experience, accumulated through the years and good personal contacts, is the foundation of our successful business. Abo Pharma exports high-quality products in over 20 countries all over the world.





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What we did


Front-end Development

Back-end Development


The Challenge:

The previous ABOPharma website was not satisfying for the company. Also, it was old-fashioned. We followed the latest trends and made the catalogue follow the most recent trends in UX and UI. The catalogue we developed, not only has trendy design, but also filters ABOPharma product by several filters, making them easier for the user to find them.

The Approach:

The  most important part in our work is to make a product that your customers will use and love. Our approach is to understand your clients, to see how they use similar products and try to develop even better solution.

Product Listing:

As a leader in the market, ABOPharma has a huge variety of products. Our main task was to make the product listing with easy to use UX and understandable for the user. We listed the products in different categories and added icons to make the user experience better.The client can find the right product using different filters. The products are listed by bio, medical, vitamins, food or cosmetics. Also they are separated by the parts of the body they help. 

Single Product:

When the client finds the needed product, he/she is redirected to the inner product page. On each drug page there are: short description about the product, what is its content and how to be used. Also a video how to use it and how it will help you. For us the most important part was to show which organs and medical conditions it helps and the related products that can be used. Working with medical products is not an easy task, however, we handled it with professionalism and succeeded to make the product page informational, but with a delightful UX.

Responsive Design:

Opens on every device
The entire ABOPharma website is built with fully responsive design. No matter if you pick a laptop or a smartphone, the site will work without change.