Why Customer Experience is Important for Your Business?

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eCommerce Customer Experience

When it comes to online sales, the customer always comes first. Regardless of the nature of the product or service on sale, if you can’t provide customers with a stress-free eCommerce experience, you may continue losing out to your competitors. 

So, to help you grow your eCommerce business and convert visitors to customers, this article will provide you with all you need to know about how to improve customer experience in eCommerce. 

How can you provide an excellent customer experience through your eCommerce website?

Here are a few ways you can guarantee that your website’s customer experience leaves a lasting impression:

  • Great UX

When it comes to user experience, simplicity is vital. Every aspect of your website or eCommerce platform must be easy to understand and navigate. As much as possible, avoid any unnecessary forms or processes. No one wants to spend minutes clicking checkboxes or buttons before they can finally add an item to their cart and check out. The fewer the clicks between ordering a product and checking out, the greater the chance of customers revisiting your page. So, make sure your website delivers the highest level of convenience, and you can be sure to increase your sales numbers. 

  • Accessibility

While designing your eCommerce webpage, it is essential to consider every user, including those with impairments or disabilities. You can implement simple steps to make your page more accessible for users. For example, you should ensure that your web page can be displayed in various languages to include non-native English speakers. You should also add alt texts to all your images and ensure that all button texts on your site are clear and easy to understand. 

  • Responsiveness

Your webpage must provide a seamless experience on all devices – mobile or desktop. According to Statista, just about 54% of global web traffic is from mobile devices, with the remaining numbers being desktop users. By focusing on providing an optimal customer experience on just one device, whether mobile, tablet, or desktop, you would be missing out on a large pool of potential clients. That is why it’s important to offer a responsive eCommerce platform. So that, no matter the device or operating system being used to access your page, the quality stays the same. 

  • Security Standards

Your security standards are essential for building trust with your clients. A good reputation is the lifeblood of any online business. Rumors of online fraud can cause word to spread and make you lose customers. So, whatever you do, ensure your customer’s personal and financial details are protected from malware attacks and other fraudulent activities. The best way to do this is by moving your webpage to a platform like WooCommerce, which already has tested and trusted safety protocols. With WooCommerce, you no longer have to bother about security concerns, and you can be sure that your client’s data is always protected. 

What are the trends in 2022 when it comes to customer experience? 

E-commerce is constantly evolving. To stay on top of the curve and consistently deliver the best service to your clients, you need to keep up with the newest trends in the eCommerce space. Fortunately, we have outlined some of the latest ideas the best e-commerce businesses are looking at to improve their customer experience. 

  • Brand Building

Brand building is helping to attract and retain customers. Businesses are beating their competition by investing in their brand, and you also need to do the same. 

Customer loyalty is critical to sustaining a growing client base. An easy way to build loyalty and brand trust is by highlighting your unique differentiators and values. Customers should know why you stand out from the pack and what they gain by sticking with you. 

  • Consistent customer experiences 

The leading eCommerce businesses in 2022 will be those that prioritize consistent customer experiences. To constantly deliver quality experiences for all your users, build a WooCommerce custom-made store and ensure that it has:

  • Mobile responsiveness – Your website should be easy to use on mobile devices, even with tiny screens. You can even create a seamless mobile shopping experience with a mobile app.
  • High-quality product pages – Your product pages should include well-written descriptions for each item and high-quality images and videos. If possible, you can add 3D rotatable pictures so users can see the product from every angle before making a purchase. 
  • Product Explorers – Interactive product explorers are presently a key feature of most eCommerce sites. Customers can now find products easily by filtering their product search based on refined criteria. 

You can use WooCommerce to build a one-of-a-kind visual product explorer for your products so users can narrow down their search and pick products that are best for them. 

  • Unique shopping experiences

Every aspect of the eCommerce shopping experience is now being refined to create novelty for users, and you, too, must not be left out. Your business should offer one-of-a-kind shopping experiences that may include simplified payments, seamless checkout experiences, and flexible payment options. You could even add an extra layer of intrigue and value by gamifying the checkout option and adding automated promotions on your page. When you provide your clients with exciting experiences on each visit, they are likely to return again to make another purchase.  

  • Special events

Special events like Black Friday, Halloween, and Single’s Day are a great way to foster a deeper connection with your customers. By offering discounts, special offers, and more, you can increase your sales and create activities that customers look forward to.  

  • Multi-market approach

More than ever before, business owners are becoming aware of why their eCommerce business should be international. Thanks to the internet, you are no longer restricted to just a few potential clients within your environment. So you can take advantage of that by adopting a multi-market approach. Your goal should be to sell to everyone, no matter where they are. 

  • Retention over conversion

In this highly competitive eCommerce space, it’s no longer enough just to get a purchase. Businesses also have to brainstorm ways to get these clients to keep visiting. In designing your webpage, you must develop strategies to facilitate client retention. For instance, you can collect their emails and keep them informed whenever you have special offers. You could also build a mobile app that sends pop-up notifications regularly to your customer’s mobile screens. Whatever formula you choose, just make sure you give clients a reason to keep coming back.


A poor customer experience may just be what’s stopping your business from building a solid brand and retaining its customers. However, you can make changes today and begin competing at the highest level. How? By simply letting us build you a WooCommerce store. There are many reasons why your business needs a store on WooCommerce. But, one of the primary purposes is that this platform lets you begin applying all the latest business stress with the least effort. Simply put, a switch to WooCommerce may be the step you need to completely transform your customer retention numbers. So contact us today and provide your clients with an experience they won’t forget in a hurry.