Benefits of having a website for real estate development companies

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With thousands of construction and real estate companies in existence today, one the best way to stay ahead of the competition is to have a visually attractive, high-quality website that gives you full control over your business while providing an exciting, interactive experience for your visitors and customers.
Some of the biggest ways real estate developers and building contractors can benefit from using a tailor-made CMS solution include:

Attractive, Interactive 3D graphics

Incorporating 3D architectural and building plan renders is no longer optional but is imperative. Showcasing your real estate properties and building construction projects in interactive 3D renders is found to be much more appealing than just using photos or 2D graphics. The aesthetics of a building are better highlighted with the help of 3d renderings. For example, in place of technical floor plans and lengthy descriptions, wouldn’t it be easier to simply use interactive graphics of your building where your users can see exactly what they need just with few clicks?

This cutting-edge 3D technology allows you to show buildings with layers over them that are selectable by a mouse click or finger tap on mobile devices and leads the user to the floor plans of the apartments which are available on the selected floor of the building. This kind of website replaces print catalogs and makes the communication for the client easier because the user can easily get the required details without having to visit the company office or arrange a meeting in person with a sales agent.

Specialized CMS that offers full control for complete management

While there are countless off-the-shelf CMS solutions available online, the vast majority do not cater to the unique demands and marketing needs of real estate and construction firms. With a specialized content management system, your website is created with your industry’s exact requirements in mind and makes it easy to keep pace as your business grows and adapts to changing market conditions. You will be able to fully manage your properties and floorplan designs, and also effectively highlight industry-specific details such as prices, availability, location, amenities and much more. Whether your company is big or small, a tailor-made CMS will give you full control over all aspects of your business and enable you to operate more efficiently.


Fully Responsive website

More people are now accessing the internet with mobile devices than ever before. This means that real estate and construction companies must ensure that their websites work well and look good on both desktop computers and smartphones/tablets. Responsive websites are not only visually appealing, but they are also accessible to a wider audience and have significantly lower bounce rates. In addition, Google algorithms favor websites with responsive designs making it very beneficial for your overall SEO. This means your business will appear higher in search engine query results and more potential customers will find your website.


Multilingual module

Localizing your website will help to give your real estate/construction company access to a vastly wider demographic as your listings and services will be seen by more potential clients. However, some of them might not be English speakers. This is why you need multilingual modules to reach foreign clients who may be interested in your properties or construction services. By communicating with your clients in their native languages, they will appreciate the fact that you’ve tailored your product to their needs, which will increase customer satisfaction. This, in turn, will get you positive reviews, repeat business, and even more customers.

Visual appeal and functional UX can spell the difference between a successful sale and a lost lead, especially for construction and real estate companies. If your website visitors aren’t able to easily find the information they’re looking for or aren’t getting it in a professional, clean presentation, then you are losing clients.
Don’t underestimate the role of your site in the success of your business. It’s time you took your website design and functionality seriously.