The Importance of Content for Your eCommerce Business

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What is the Importance of Quality Content in Ecommerce?

A couple of straightforward answers

A lot has been said about the power of content in business but how about a modern fairy tale? It is a tale about prince Starsalot struggling with the hardships of declining tourism as the only source of income in his kingdom. While looking for a solution, Strarslot unexpectedly encounters an old book of wisdom, promising to teach him how to turn knowledge into gold. 

Attracted by the necessity of the idea, Starsalot decides to live by the book. Thus, he sets off on a journey to make the promise come true. He first has to overcome the dragons of fear, chaos, and idleness. After killing them, he finds some time to ponder upon his life experiences and dreams, which transform into a story. 

Once back home, Starsalot tells his story to his fellows. He motivates them to pay visits to the neighboring kingdoms to tell their own stories too, thus promoting the place. The story-telling is enacted, it triggers tourist interest again, and the kingdom is saved. 

Intriguing, right? In today’s article, we will be discussing the power of content in business and eCommerce in particular. We will see its importance and how it may be used to the advantage of our sales. Further, we will understand what product content is and why it is important to speak about experiences rather than products.

Otherwise, if interested in reading the full fairy tale about Starsalot, please visit Prince Starsalot: A Content Marketing Fairy Tale. 

the Importance of Quality Content in Ecommerce

Why content for eCommerce and what is product content?

Content in eCommerce is part of the larger topic of eCommerce marketing, on which we have written not that long ago. It is one of the key strategies that can let your eCommerce business become a success. 

And indeed. There is probably no better way for grabbing your customers’ attention than engaging them with your offerings by social media, videos, user-made posts, product descriptions, or blog posts.

All text, imagery, video or other information that you create to promote your offerings constitute your product content. And since you are shopping on the Internet where you do not have the chance to see and test the product yourself, it is a decisive factor for your success. 

Product content is obligatory for online shops but its simple inclusion is often insufficient. What makes difference here is its quality. It is the quality content that makes your product shine on the shelf, and the experience associated with it that sells.

One way to achieve distinctive product content is by focusing your copywriting on the experience a customer will get rather than simply presenting product features. Another way to pursue the effect is to deliver technology-empowered content. 

Should you be interested in exploring what rich product content may include, please take a look here

What are the key benefits of quality content in eCommerce?

Quality content is important for making your customers desire your products. Before that, however, it is a prerequisite for helping them find your website. Building your audience is the first step towards building your customer base. 

Copywriting is probably one of the few proven strategies for letting Internet searches hit on your webpage. Let us, however, see which of its features will help you increase your conversions too.

1. Content Generates More Traffic to Your Website

Valuable content is essential for your Internet ranking, which makes you discoverable on the world wide web. In doing so, Google assesses the most relevant and useful pages to the Internet searches.

The higher you rank in Google, the higher traffic you will get and the more leads you will generate. Nevertheless, as searches are made by people, you should never forget that you should be writing for humans rather than machines.

2. Quality Content Improves Ranking

Quality content can help you not only drive traffic but also engage customers with your products. The more clients appreciate your content, the higher ranking you will get. 

Quality content is a straightforward strategy for building relationships with customers who would visit and revisit your website to buy more. It is a simple way for involving them with your brand and building a positive customer experience. 

3. Choosing Quality over Quantity 

Although more content presupposes more chances of getting noticed by Google and customers alike, this may be true at first sight only. Both customers and engines evaluate website content by its quality rather than by its amount. 

If you are publishing a lot of content for obtaining a better rank only, you may be risking content relevance. This may be punished by Google and rejected by customers. Choose quality over quantity as a better strategy.

4. Become a Trusted Resource for Customers 

Providing helpful information, reviews, videos, blogs, and pictures can engage your customers. This will enrich the customer experience with your brand and improve customer satisfaction with your services. Naturally, you may expect it to result in higher conversion rates and customer lifecycle. 

Let us say your online shop offers hair styling tools. If you start promoting them by stylist advice, celebrity recommendations, or DIY videos you will have better chances of winning your audience. This way you may build trust, resourcefulness, and a fan club even, which is sure to pay off.

5. Quality Copywriting Improves Your Industry Recognition

Developing a valuable copywriting service over time can transform you into a trusted resource for other businesses in your industry as well. In the long run, this may help you build a name and reputation that capitalizes too. 

What are the new content marketing trends of 2022? 

With content and technology developing daily, this is hard to predict. Nevertheless, here are 5 content marketing trends that we expect to impact eCommerce in 2022: 

  • Video content is a preferred type of content;
  • Content personalization is on the rise, with the help of the AI included;
  • Technology such as chatbots is sometimes replacing content creation;
  • Voice search and relevant content optimization is gaining speed;
  • Better context and real-life experience are more and more pursued through AR.

Are you already following these trends? One way or another, it is always good to keep an eye on how they develop. Should you need to read more, please browse here.


Developing quality content may be your way to a successful eCommerce marketing plan. To design it effectively, however, you need to be aware of what lies behind it. The key benefits of valuable content are associated with both the higher traffic it generates and the higher sales that may result.

If you are interested in the idea of combining content with technology, give us a shout to discuss it. We will be always happy to share our experience and see how it may work for you.


Today’s takeaway: do not be afraid to use copywriting strategically. Do overcome your barriers, such as Starsalot’s dragons of fear, chaos, and idleness!