Why successful businesses need great websites

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People search through the Internet for products, services, new clients every single day, every single minute. With over 2 million online users, the web changed the user’s way of finding information. From small garage companies to big businesses, everybody can find information online. The most important aspect here is, that some of them are looking for you and you have no clue. 

We can’t ignore the Internet. As part of the digital world, surrounded by technology at every step, this generation of businesses is doomed, if they refuse to step in the future, if they deny having websites. 

Lacking a website could be a serious down-turn to your business. The web-page is an essential part of every company and not only having one, but also a great one. Every one of us wants to make a good first impression, exactly as a first date, everybody wants a second. Your website is the first impression you give to potential customers, the first contact they have with your business. The phone book time is long gone, and before somebody purchases from you, firstly they will look for your online presence. You want it to be great, right?

In this always changing, owned by technology world, a great website is a powerful marketing tool for every successful business. A well-maintained page with easy-to-use UX and distinguished brand identity can gain you a competitive advantage in the chosen industry and improve your image. Think of a website as a showroom for your products. People enter, look around and decide if they like it or not. Developing a website not only gives information but also can transform users into future clients. 


Below are 10 benefits of having a great website:

  • Educate customers:

Your website blog provides useful information to your customers. Educating them you give examples and insights from the business to the clients. Choose the right time and deliver articles every week.

  • First impression counts:

As we said before, the first impression is like the first date, everybody wants a second. Before a client talks to your staff or buy products from you, firstly they will check your website and if you don’t have one – sorry.

  • Increase visibility:

The statistics show that 93% of customer’s purchase decisions start with a search engine search. This means that most of your potential clients are online. Great websites increase the visibility of successful businesses and transform more leads to buyers. 

  • Great marketing tool:

It doesn’t matter if you are going to write an article on your blog or use the website as an advertising space, it is a great marketing tool to engage more clients. Great websites give additional exposure, interest more visitors and are a great brand awareness tool.

  • Build reputation:

There are quite a few companies nowadays that don’t have a website, and yes, that is why they are small. Lacking a website stops your business from reaching out to new heights and give the customers the wrong insight that your company is small and not growing.

  •  Easy use and update:

If the company website is developed and maintained properly, your website will always be up to date. This will save you time making updates and uploading new information, without calling the programmer every time something changed.

  • Great tool for finding new employees:

Having a website makes the process of finding new employees easier and cheaper. You can post job openings and promote them through your audience.

  • Two-way communication:

Customers can easily find your e-mail address or fill a request form to ask their questions. Make sure that your website doesn’t lack either company e-mail address or contact form. 

  • Sell products online.

The best function of a web presence is duplicating your physical company into a digital one. At the same time, websites make it easy for you to see which products your customer like and which prefer not to buy. 

  • Scale-up business reach:

Still selling locally, with a great website this can change. One of the best features of the website as an online tool is that you can sell internationally and engage clients from all over the world.

How does a quality website look like?

A well-developed website not only provides information but also has the following qualifications: It is clear and clean, without disturbing pop-up ads, well-organized functional navigation and good in all browsers. At the same time, the good-looking website has a modern UX and UI and no-old web design. The information given in it is grammar and lexical correct and in not-disturbing colours and fonts. If your company has social media profiles, buttons linked to these profiles should be present. People want a quick solution to their problem or a quick answer to their question. Make it easy for them – make a quality website. 

As a web development company, we from Grind helped various national and international companies to reach new heights with their websites. Normally, we face few challenges, every company follows its path and we try to think alike too. Let’s give you some helpful examples:

  • Working on the Biotrade website we faced the problem of international markets. How to make a presence on different markets selling the same product and keeping the brand experience untouched? New e-commerce store of Biotrade is the wanted solution.
  • Informational website and e-commerce solution at the same time – not a problem. Brickfielder store is that – showing extravagant technology breakthrough and ease-to-use UX.
  • Usually, informational business websites are called the easiest – we disagree. To build a solution as Payhawk website is pretty hard because the brand and given information should be distinguished from other big players on the market.

All these examples and benefits should rise you the question – it is not just the website, it is my business, my brand. Don’t underestimate the power of a great website – make your business even more successful. Build one now.

If you are interested in building a website – write to us here: https://grind.studio/contact-us/