The most important elements of high-converting product pages

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main image high-converting product pages

The most important pages in an online store are your products. They sell.

People enter the product, view it and based on the information provided to them decide whether to buy it or not. Bad content can be detrimental to your business. But not only that, if the product page has a bad design or does not provide enough information to the user, he will leave the store. And as we know, there is no second first impression.

So it’s time to give you the most important elements of high-converting product pages to sell to more and more people.

1. Use motivating titles

Every title you use should give all the necessary information to the customer, but at the same time should attract him to buy the product. There are many types of motivational tactics that encourage buying.

It is mandatory to assign a product name, its colors, number, pattern and / or brand. Model numbers are very important, especially if one is looking for the product online. If I know the model number from the collection and it is entered in the description on your site, you voilà,  have a new customer who came across you, not a competitor. People who know what they want are the most motivated to buy from you – don’t miss them.

Then it’s time for a sentence to win over even the most convincing customers. Take for inspiration the pitch of technology giant UBER “Press the button, enjoy the journey”. These six words summarize their entire service, and which ones are yours?

2. High quality photos are a must

It is easy to find a photo online, it is difficult to find the best and quality for you. Photos that are blurry, poorly lit, and difficult to read do not show your products at a high enough level. Your online store is the virtual showroom, so show the products in their best light – literally. If you have a high budget, hiring a professional will be worth the investment. If not, there are dozens of manuals on how to shoot products like a pro. Our friends from WooCommerce wrote one.

 3. Use eye-catching “Add to cart” buttons

How do you expect the customer to buy something if the “Add to cart” button does not attract his attention? It must be impossible to miss and even for a user who has not yet made a purchase decision.

The buttons are a call to action. They should be large, with a large font and a bright color that stands out from the rest of the page. They should be in places that are easy to find, ideally at the top of the page so that visitors do not have to look for them for a long time

4. Encourage customer feedback 

It can be a challenge to accumulate testimonials or feedback but they are worth the effort. When potential customers see 45 product reviews and most of them are good, it instantly creates trust in the product and the brand.

WooCommerce offers an extension called Product Reviews Pro, which makes it easier for customers to write Amazon-style reviews directly to your product pages. They can leave ratings, text, photos and even videos.

Customer feedback

5. Present detailed product descriptions in the online store

Not everyone who enters the page of any of your products is ready to buy, many people initially compare. But it’s hard to compare things without details, whether you’re comparing a product to others on your site or to one from a different online store.

One of the elements of high-converting product pages is the detailed and well-written description of each individual product. If you have almost no information about the product, it is almost certain that the customer will buy from a competitor. This is much more true of technological products or tools, but it is also true of clothing, household goods, food, and so on. If you still don’t believe us, imagine sitting in a cafe and the menu with only photos, without a description of the food / drinks.

It’s important not to overload your page with too much text. Statistics show that over 20% of consumers do not buy a product due to a little or too much information.

Here are some tips for writing descriptions of products they sell:

  • Be specific: don’t use vague statements like “the fastest twist.” Support them with data: “The average order execution time last year was 23 minutes.”
  • Focus on the benefits: show how your products solve problems for your target audience. “Clean your dishes in half the time!”
  • Insert emotion: write how your product will make them feel. “Feel proud to wear something stylish that represents your favorite team.”
  • Remove doubts: remove doubts before the user thinks about them. “With over 600 five-star reviews, you can trust that our product will work for you day after day.”

6. Include videos

A video on your product page shows the more human face of your company, gives a visual context and speaks directly to your potential customers.

The Product Video for WooCommerce extension is great for adding videos to product pages.

7. Answer customer questions

If your customers often ask the same questions, then you are making a mistake. try to have the most useful information in the description of each product to avoid questions. The FAQ page doesn’t have to be the only place where buyers find answers to their most pressing questions. Give them what they need, right on the product page.

However, do not completely delete the Frequently Asked Questions page. The Product FAQs WooCommerce extension displays frequently asked questions in accordion style, which organizes the answers and saves screen space.

8. Optimize the text for greater clarity

Choose simple fonts that are large enough to read. Use black text on a white or very light background to keep the text easy to read.

9. Add photos of all product options

If the products are available in several colors or pieces, take pictures of all these combinations so that the client can view them. You sell coffee cups in 12 colors, you must have images of each option. This is even more important if you use creative color names like “Essence of the Tropics;” it’s not a color that someone knows, introduce them to them.

Product Variations Table of WooCommerce allows you to show variations in size, color and style. This is especially useful for clothing stores, but can also help supermarkets that have different flavors of the same product.

Different colors

10. Create a sense of urgency with a countdown timer

The countdown “There are 5 items left at this price” or “The discount is only valid for 10 hours” is a psychological technique that makes the consumer shop more now.

It’s a good idea to count down the hours until a special offer expires, a new product is launched, a discount or a webinar. You can also put a countdown to the last pieces until the quantities are exhausted.

Create effective product pages

We’ve shown you some of the most important elements of high-converting product pages. Remember that your products are the best sales channel. They affect the most whether the customer will buy something or not. Use some of the WooCommerce plugins to save time and effort. Benefit from them, do not only invest in marketing, but pay special attention to product pages and how effective they are. Guarantee that this way you will have more satisfied customers and more income.