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Telelink Infra Services is one of the biggest Bulgarian infrastructure and network builders. Previously part of Telelink, at the beginning of the year Telelink was restructured into 3 new companies – Telelink Infra Services, Telelink Business Services, and Telelink City Services. Every one of them is specialized in different aspects of network building and together they form the strong and well-known Telelink Group.
Understanding this transition, we from Grind build the brand new Telelink Infra Services website. Following all the latest trends, we developed a website showing the brand identity simply and understandably.





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The Challenge

The main challenge was to build the first-ever digital identity of the brand and to do it as well as possible. The launch of their new website pursues two main goals – firstly, to provide a highly functional, easy-to-use tool to educate professional visitors and secondly to show Telelink Infra Services’ mission “We build the network of the future”. The new website shows their high-tech solutions and services as simple as possible.

The Approach

In line with Telelink Infra Services’ brand identity, we from Grind built a fully complete corporate website showing all of their services and solutions. The website “understands” the needs of the client and was designed and continues to revolve around the idea to help the client understand the complex area of infrastructure building. Telelink Infra Services website provides simple and understandable information for all people.


Telelink Infra Services’ website lists all solutions the company provides. It gives professional advice to the customer by showing their whole field of work as simple as possible. As a client, finding what you need is child play. The website has over 8 solutions, listed, explained, and even recommended by brands that used them. The average time of finding what you need couldn’t be lower.


Telelink provides services in the following areas: Public Infrastructure, Buildings, Telecom, Critical Infrastructure, and Industrial Infrastructure. No matter if you are a part of a high-tech company in Sofia or an industrial center in Plovdiv, the website will provide all needed information about Telelink Infra Services in the wanted sector. Find the service you need easier than ever before, due to the simple listing and informativeness, however clear of all high-tech terms information.

Responsive design

The website follows all the latest trends and opens on every device. Use it on your tablet, or smartphone, it still will work at its best.