Sony Center


Sony Center wanted to communicate its position as an industry leader and expert in its field. With that in mind, they wanted to enhance their online presence and increase sales with their freshly rebranded look and feel.



Next JS

What we did


Front-end development

Back-end development

ERP integration

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The company

The Overview

Sony Center is the perfect destination to find the full range of Sony electrical goods for more than 19 years. The rich assortment brings to the Bulgarian market high-quality technology-oriented products to both the end customers and the business.


At the moment, Sony Center welcomes its clients into the physical stores located in Sofia, the capital and largest city of Bulgaria. Here the customers can discover a variety of products, learn about the latest technologies and test them.

Long Story, short

Sony Center needed a digital solution for its offline business – a custom-made website. That’s why we have created a modern web experience that encourages the users to engage, explore and interact with the brand. The innovative website helps our client builds trust and guides visitors to take action.

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The Challenge

Grind Web Studio was faced with the challenge of designing a brand new custom-made website built on WooCommerce and connected with Next JS. Due to the complexity of this task, we created everything from scratch.

Another challenge was to set up the connection to Sony’s ERP system so that products, stock, and prices could be managed in real-time. Aiming to ensure that Sony Center will end up with a high-performing website, we used a headless content management system that is easier, faster, and more flexible.


Approach and Solution

Grind Web Studio delivered a unique-looking site that fits the purpose and showcase Sony Center’s business and the product lines they offer. We created a more user-friendly and visual product story with intuitive navigation and filtering. The visitors and regular clients can use the functionality that allows them to compare the different products and their pros and cons.

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Responsive Design

We have implemented a fully responsive solution. The most important benefit of it is to satisfy users’ needs, offering them a smooth experience, and increasing conversion rates.