ParkMart is a leading regional grocery chain, with two locations in the city of Varna and one in the city of Bourgas. They are proud of their “local” stores as a sign of high quality. ParkMart offers over 20,000 products, everything you need from beer to baby goods. With the arrival of the pandemic, ParkMart seizes the opportunity for further development by creating an online store to attract more customers, expand their market share and inevitably boost their profits.








What we did

UX & UI Design

Front end development

Back end development

ERP Integration

WooCommerce Development

Main Goals

One of the main objectives was to make an online grocery store that works fast in order to accommodate the huge amount of traffic expected, especially in periods of public lockdown in 2020 when online orders have significantly risen. The ecommerce platform is adapted to work with the client’s existing ERP system, synchronising orders, users and products.

User Journey

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Welcome to ParkMart

The ParkMart homepage includes all functionalities a buyer needs: store categories, shopping cart, personal account. Immediate display of specific products on sale, next to customized promotional sliders on the homepage offers to the customer items of interest at first glance of the online store. 

Product listing


20,000+ products are conveniently divided into many categories and subcategories to ensure fast & easy navigation and simulate the experience of walking the aisles of a physical grocery store. Simple, but efficient design provides fresh look and customer friendly functions.

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Product page

Product information

The ParkMart product page is creatively swapped with a simple product window. Product description, current availability and all product ingredients are neatly fitted into the window to  provide customers all they need to know about an item.

Shopping cart

Fill up your bag

Checking your shopping cart doesn’t have to interrupt your browsing process. Access your cart from any point and do not worry about finding your previous location in store.

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Checkout process

Order and pay

Fully customized checkout process to accommodate all the needs of ParkMart’s order process. Payment with card directly on the store with no intermediators. All working seamlessly to provide great customer experience.


Shopping list are handy, right?

Create your own personalized shopping lists, click order and everything from your list will be on your way home. You can order all items from a list or just select a couple of them that you need at the moment. Or order products from one of Parkmart’s preset shopping lists for an even easier grocery shopping experience.

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Managing shopping lists

Create different shopping lists for different occasions like monthly groceries, weekly supplies, baby essentials etc. Manage your lists from your dashboard and share them with a friend or family member. Easily add and remove items, increase and decrease product quantity straight from the list. Activate personal notifications for product updates and availability.


Personal account

Personal account to find all your previous orders, shopping lists, favourite items, delivery and payment information. A classic feature for every online store.

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Responsive design

Mobile or desktop? Have them both

The ParkMart online store is 100% responsive. Working seamlessly on any device this ecommerce platform makes shopping a piece of cake.

iOS & Android MOBILE APP

Supermarket in your pocket

Launching a mobile app in addition to the responsive website encourages more customer interaction and therefore boosts sales while enhancing the customer experience. The Parkmart app gives buyers extra value by immediately informing them about ongoing sales and promotions. It builds recognition of the brand and allows Parkmart to better connect with the customers across multiple channels


Client review

“We’re very happy with the final results. Everything was clearly communicated and the scope was very clear. They managed to make all the integrations very easily and without any big troubles. It works very well. We have 20,000-30,000 products and everything is working very smoothly.”