In 2018 Gradus, Bulgaria’s largest poultry producer decided to take the company public. This 27-year-old, award-winning company needed to showcase its quality and heritage as it presented itself to investors for the first time. We worked together to create a digital experience that was both vibrant and informative for potential shareholders and end customers.




Laravel framework

What we did

Wireframing & UX


Front End Development

Back End Development

Grind CMS Integration

The Challenge

The main reason why Gradus needed a new website was that they had planned an IPO (Initial Public Offering) on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.


Exciting, right? Yes, but it was something new for our team and we were not so familiar with the process so we spent time learning and discussing how we should present the company and make it fully compliant with all of the regulations for public companies.

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Explaining the process with interaction

Gradus products are produced in a closed production cycle. This means that the company holds its own fodder plant, hatchery, parent flocks farms, broiler fattening farms, and poultry processing plant.