Teo Bebe


TeoBebe is a Bulgarian company expert in manufacturing detergents and cosmetic products for the most precious ones, our kids. Their products are specially created with care for the little ones. The hypoallergenic fragrances do not irritate the delicate baby skin and envelop the baby clothes with a soft, gentle scent. The company is delighted to be recommended by the Bulgarian Pediatric Association. We are delighted to introduce you to the brand new TeoBebe catalog including all TeoBebe products. The website is developed for 3 different markets however, with its gentle colors, simple UX, and clear communication, we gave our best and satisfied client’ expectations.





Wordpress integration

What we did


Front-end Development

Back-end Development


The Challenge

You will say “It is not hard to develop a product catalog. Online shops are way more complicated”. You are right and wrong at the same time. Developing web catalogs, used as marketing materials from the clients, is hard to design. They should show all products and at the same time show the brand in its best light. And now you know what’s the challenge – show it all but make it looks even better than in reality.

The Approach

At first, we understood the brand marketing strategy and implemented it in the design. Then we developed the catalog to be as simple and informative, as possible, but at the same time to shout out loud the brand aim ”With love and care for the little ones”. Our approach was to build a product that compliments TeoBebe, which becomes a valuable part of it.

The Products

There are two types of products in the catalog – Care for the skin and Care for the clothes. We divided them into two additional subpages. Every subpage contains all TeoBebe products with complete and easy-to-read information about each product. We were delighted to add also information about all the special ingredients that the brand use. That is how we make the catalog easy to use and give all the needed information to the parents.

Responsive Design

As you know, responsive design is mandatory nowadays. We used all the latest trends and made sure that you can use the TeoBebe catalog on every device.