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A few months ago, Telelink Business Services introduced its new brand strategy. Once this was decided, we started working and developed the brand-new Telelink Business Services digital experience. The new website introduces the user to the entirely brand-new version of the company. The most important aspect of the project was the Investors’ section – an introduction with their IPO.
Telelink Business Services is the biggest company that is part of the well-known Telelink Group. As a leader in network building solutions, they recently started a process of introducing all companies, part of the group, as independent ones. The new Telelink Business Services website is part of this transition, and it announces the company’s new digital identity.





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What we did


Front-end Development

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The Challenge

The major challenge that we faced was how to introduce the IPO to potential investors as clearly as possible. We designed and developed Telelink’s new website with a brand-new identity that showcases all the information with clarity and simplicity. Following the brand-identity strategy and the IPO investment opportunities of Telelink Business Services, website’ development took phenomenal effort.
After understanding what the client wanted, we set out to deliver a pure experience through utility and easy-to-understand information. Designing a web solution that defines the company’s vision and mission was a challenge that we finished with success.

The Approach

Understanding the audience and following Telelink vision, we created an ultimate user experience. Unlike other tech companies, Telelink Business Services have network products so complex that we needed a completely new approach. Tech words and no understandable phrases were out of the game. Identifying the right language and visual structure, shortened our work and engaged the audience with all brand products.

Investors' Section

The human element is beyond numbers.
As Telelink Business Services announced IPO, our task was not easy. Investors’ pages are mostly focused on numbers however, we embraced the human element and simplified the content. For interested investors, we introduced, as clear as possible, the information in the Investors section on the website. This was an opportunity for us to show how complex questions could be explained with ease.

What We Do Section

Solving complex questions through IT.
We designed a visual straightforward solution that reflects the brand-new identity of Telelink Business Services. Following their motto “Simplify the complex”, we made an experience that highlights the business and shows its great products and services.

Responsive Design

Opens on every device
The entire Telelink Business Services website is built with a fully responsive design. No matter if you pick a laptop or a smartphone, the site will work without change.