SRT helps universities to find and recruit well-prepared and motivated students to join their programs. Our task was to create an e-commerce platform where SRT list events organized by them that can be booked and purchased by the universities and also a platform where the students can register their participation for the events.







React Native

What we did

UX Improvement


Front-end Development

Back-end Development

WooCommerce integration

Mobile App

The Challenge

The task was to make a completely new product and throw the old ones in the trash as it was hard to use because of the bad UX and poor functionality. Matching the complex theme like the education covered by the universities from one side and the students from another side was a challenge because the client needed many tools in order to simplify its own business processes.
Another exciting exercise for our team was to think and build a mobile application for iOS and Android accompanied by a web system (back-end based on Laravel framework) which has to make the communication between the universities and the students easier and more pleasant task.

Easy UX and clean design

Single Product or Bundle

The universities can buy one location event participation or bundle product that includes all of the locations from the tour. The website also provides an additional option to up-sell the user with extras like “Hotel”, “Shuttle to the venue”, “Additional Participant” etc.

Cart and Checkout page

The most important part of an eCommerce product is the checkout part where most of the users leave the website and abandon their carts full of products. This happens because of a bad user experience and a lack of important functionalities. Here we have been challenged to think of a way that will be simple and effective. We are still measuring the final results.

Simplifying the meeting between the university and the student

The old way of generating leads at the event was to write all of the contacts in a notebook. The challenge here was to replace the notebook with a modern and easy-to-use mobile application for iOS and Android, which we built with React Native. The product’s purpose is to make the meeting between the university and the student easier, providing both sides with an interface for smooth interaction.

The process

The mobile app process is as simple as adding a new contact to your phonebook. There are a few steps, which you can see above and below, for saving the contact in your admin panel.

Scan the student, Write some important notes, Choose lead status, Sync with the back-end.