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Reach Payment WooCommerce Plugin


Reach Payment Gateway provides core connections to in-country payments and transactional currency controls for retailers. This allows any sized ecommerce merchant to immediately compete with the top retailers in the world in delivering a smooth, predictable transaction to customers worldwide. Reach is focused on guiding merchants through what it means to localize, how to find country-specific best practices, and understanding the ins and outs of currency management. Reach helps businesses succeed globally, not just push payment methods, letting retailers get back to the things they are good at: developing, producing, marketing, and selling fantastic products that appeal to a global audience.





What we did

WP Plugin Development

Front-end Development

Back-end Development

Main goals

Reach came into contact with the serious task to develop their official plugin for WooCommerce. The main task was to allow WooCommerce merchants to take payments directly on their online store with the Reach Payment Gateway.  Additionally, we had to make sure that the plugin would make online stores feel local to international shoppers, increase their conversion by improving customer experience with local pricing, multiple payment methods, and smooth transactions worldwide. All of this works fast and smoothly to ensure easy payment processing for both customers and merchants.

Features for merchants

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Easy installation

Installing the Reach plugin in any WooCommerce store requires only a couple of clicks. We have enabled two ways for the plugin installation – automatic and manual, both extremely easy, all done through the website WooCommerce dashboard. No coding is required.

Easy management

A good plugin should work well for both customers and merchants. Customizing and updating the plugin settings is simple and easy with the user-friendly settings dashboard. Reviewing order history and order details, capturing payments, and issuing refunds – everything an online store needs when it comes to ordering payment processing.

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Payments and Refunds

The official Reach plugin we’ve developed works fast and smoothly with the Reach Payment Gateway to ensure optimal payment processing with flawless authorization and support of payments with credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, and others. The plugin allows merchants to activate instant or delayed payment capture and issue partial and full refunds directly from the WooCommerce dashboard.

Activity logs

Processing payments is a delicate and complex process. With the Reach plugin merchants have access to all activity logs connected with each and every order so they can keep track of the current status of specific order payments or in case of problems send log data to Reach for debugging.

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Product subscriptions

Subscriptions are an essential part of shopping habits nowadays. We made sure the Reach plugin supports product subscriptions and other types of periodical payments to make it easy for the shoppers when it comes to regular payments.

Features for shoppers

Currency switcher

Allowing users to switch between currencies give them the feeling of shopping locally wherever they are. Display of prices in the user’s local currency makes shopping personalized which ultimately means more purchases. 

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With precise user geolocation, the plugin gives online customers a unique shopping experience by detecting their browser location and displaying prices in the most relevant currency. More customer personalization in eCommerce leads to more conversions.

Integrated checkout

Ensuring a continuous and frictionless payment flow in multiple currencies for customers worldwide to boost significantly conversion rates of online businesses. Using the Reach plugin for your online store means receiving payments directly from the store with no third-party providers.

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Multiple payment methods

An important part of a successful payment plugin is making sure online stores can accept payments of various types such as Visa, Diners, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, Maestro, Japan Card, China Union Pay, Alipay, PayPal, and many more.

Re-using cards

The WooCommerce Reach plugin allows merchants to save a customer’s card information so that customers do not need to re-enter their payment details each time they want to place an order on their online store. This is especially useful for returning customers which, let’s be honest, all businesses want.