Payhawk is a fintech company that helps businesses to manage their credit cards, bill payments, invoices, expenses, and much more. The company offers a variety of innovative financial products into one integrated experience.





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What we did

UX & UI Design

Front end development

Back end development

The Challenge

Grind’s team has been working with Payhawk since 2018. We were challenged to develop a modern and innovative web platform that illustrates Payhawk’s revolutionary technology.

The goal was not only to build an excellent web platform but to differentiate the brand from its competitors in the FinTech area.

We worked closely with Payhawk’s team, aiming to achieve incomparable results that make a difference.

Approach and Solution

Custom-made platform

Our expert WordPress team built Payhawk’s complex project with a strategic vision in mind. We developed a custom-made platform that is flexible and easy to modify. We created the initial website design and built elements with development-focused solutions. Aiming to deliver an outstanding user experience, we followed the best practices when incorporating the latest UX trends.

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Approach and Solution

Manageable Content Blocks and Page Builders

When developing Pawhawk’s platform, we incorporated fully manageable content blocks and page builders. The idea was to ease the process and allow Payhawk’s team to create, edit, and customize their website layout without writing a single line of code.

Approach & Solution

SEO Оptimization & Speed

SEO and page speed are key factors when it comes to increasing the quality and the quantity of website traffic. When building the innovative Payhawks’ digital platform, we applied the most effective strategies aiming to deliver positive results and long-term benefits. 

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Approach & Solution

Multilingual Platform

We completely understand the reasons in favor of creating a multilingual website, and we incorporated this innovative solution into Payhawk’s digital platform. Providing content in a customer’s native language boosts the website’s performance and increases sales. Such an approach is always helpful when expanding the target audience and entering new markets.

Responsive Design

Following the latest digital trends, we invested time and effort in building a responsive web design. The aim was to improve the customer experience on all devices, boost the conversion rate, and increase revenue generation.


Client review

“Grind Web Studio really tried to understand our business and its competitive landscape. Thanks to the new website, the company has experienced a boost in the time spent on the website as it now connects users to the information they seek in a more elegant way. Grind Web Studio genuinely dives deep into project needs and offers valuable guidance and suggestions.”
Hristo Borisov | CEO @ Payhawk