We live in the 21st century and you can find everything online. Order a taxi, buy plane tickets, attend an event – all this can be virtual and it is. Meeting with the team – use zoom, movie tickets – buy them online, with a phone in hand or a laptop, everything is fast and easy. What we are trying to say is that many of our problems and needs can be solved by searching online, and the lack of an online presence harms your business much more than you think.
Are there businesses that are not online – supermarkets for example. Aren’t you tired of queuing or looking for hours for a good. This is exactly what we have changed – Parkmart is the newest entirely online grocery store. Everything from socks to beer, from baby food to salmon can be ordered with a few clicks and delivered within a day. Cool, right! For now the store operates in the city of Varna, but there are also deliveries in the area.








What we did


Front-end Development

Back-end Development

ERP Integration

WooCommerce Development

The Client:

ParkMart is a leading regional supermarket, with 2 stores in the city of Varna and one in Sveti Vlas. They are proud of their “neighborhood” stores, as a sign of quality, offering everything from beer to baby goods. They offer over 15,000 products that you can buy. With the arrival of the pandemic, ParkMart, unlike its competitors, sees the situation as a opportunity for development. Fortunately, ParkMart called us just in time, we were just looking for supermarkets to digitize and we had started to develop similar platforms. As soon as we discussed their idea, we immediately started to work on creating an online store that will not only help them keep their business but also to increase their profits.

The Challenge:

We made the store work as fast as possible because we expected huge traffic. What does this mean? At the time of the order, it is immediately reflected in the ERP system so that it can move as quickly as possible for delivery. Grind adapted the store to work with their existing ERP system, not on our admin panel. This was a big challenge because it is much easier to start from scratch than to combine a new and an existing system. However, we managed to synchronize everything – from products to prices.
Another challenge we solved was that ParkMart sells both by the pound and by the quantity. Great for the client, bad for us. We created a module that easily adds a quantity or weight, so the availability may be 1,250 g, not an integer. This module is yet to be developed to become more professional.

Online Store:

For the first time ParkMart decided to be online. Their first version for the online store contains over 15,000 products that can be delivered in one day for only BGN 5 delivery fee or for larger orders even for free. They are divided into as many different categories as possible to make it easy for the user to find. In addition to the category, the customer can search by brand and price, all thanks to the search engine. Each product contains detailed information, weight and even the number of available pieces or kilograms. 
Easy registration helps the fast user to create an account in seconds. After that? Add products to cart. The order is made very quickly, but so far only for the city of Varna.


After the completion of this project we want to develop it more and more. We want to make the connection between the store and the ERP system even more professional. We are currently creating a new much more functional design for the online supermarket ParkMart, which will not only include a column of favorite products, tools for recovery of abandoned carts, and over time a program for loyal customers. We forgot to mention that the store can be used on any device, which makes shopping very, very easy. 
You also want your store to be transferred online, write to us!