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ParkMart is a leading regional grocery chain, with two locations in the city of Varna and one in the city of Bourgas. They are proud of their “local” stores as a sign of high quality. ParkMart offers over 20,000 products, everything you need from beer to baby goods. With the arrival of the pandemic, ParkMart seizes the opportunity for further development by creating a mobile app to accompany their newly built online store to attract more customers, expand their market share and inevitably boost their profits.


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React Native

What we did

UX & UI Design

Front end development

Back end development

Main goals

The main purpose of the Parkmart app was to give people the opportunity to shop from their favorite supermarket fast and easily, wherever they are. In simple terms, to have an entire grocery store in their pocket. Our main goal was to create a well-built mobile adaptation of the comprehensive online grocery store. We aimed to optimize the ease of use while offering maximum functionality. Another major aspect of building the Parkmart app was making sure it works fast and smoothly, to ensure customer satisfaction and continuous use of the app.


The first step of every creation is research. We have researched multiple international apps for grocery shopping. We have outlined some competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and made sure to include all core features for a smooth shopping experience. 

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Keeping in mind our target audience, which we agreed upon with our clients, we began adapting the web user flows to the mobile environment. Our fast-working team was able to go through a lot of design ideas and quickly outline the right ones from the unnecessary ones. Our workflow included numerous meetings of our team members to discuss ideas and progress and ensure any problem is noted and resolved at an early stage of the app development.

User Journey


The onboarding process is an essential part of every app as it is basically the introduction of the app and all its features and benefits for the users. We made sure to create a simple, yet informative onboarding without overwhelming the new user with unnecessary information.

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The main bottom navigation bar provides access to the 5 top-level destinations in the mobile app. The location, visibility, and persistence across screens allow quick pivoting between destinations.


20,000+ products are conveniently divided into many categories and subcategories to ensure fast & easy navigation. Transforming grocery shopping into a mobile experience is a challenging task requiring careful design solutions.

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As mobile screens offer limited space, it is important to keep all contents simple and straight to the point. We’ve applied this to the filters too – they help users perform a more focused search by actively engaging only with the filters they want. They are easy to find, easy to change, and with the appropriate UI controls for each filter type.

Optimized search

Your customers want to be able to find what they need fast. We’ve minimized search effort with the optimized search of the Parkmart app to make sure users are able to execute precise searches of very specific products.

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The main goal of the product page is to nudge the customer to easily shop more and arrive at the checkout. They are characterized by detailed descriptions, clear call to actions including add to cart, add to favorites, good readability, and suggested similar products section.

Shopping cart

The cart page has one sole mission: lead visitors to actually pay. We’ve made sure that the shopping cart of the Parkmart app has all the essentials a customer needs: image, specifications, quantity, a coupon code field, and easy cart edit.

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Checkout process

We’ve created an optimized checkout and payment process that enables users to complete an order fast and easily. Parkmart’s conversion-boosting checkout process includes clear design, limited required fields, order review, and multiple payment options.

Client review

“We’re very happy with the final results. Everything was clearly communicated and the scope was very clear. They managed to make all the integrations very easily and without any big troubles. It works very well. We have 20,000-30,000 products and everything is working very smoothly.”