Nom Naturals


Nom Naturals manufactures and sells vitamin supplements for children. Unlike most kids’ vitamins available on the market, the Nom Naturals vitamins are super-charged with full-body nourishment in just one delicious gummy bear – no sugar, GMO, or artificial colors.  Made in Germany in a state of the art facilities with more than 25 years of history, Nom Naturals gummy bears are gluten & allergen-free, 100% vegan, and delicious.








What we did

Front end Development

Back end Development

WooCommerce Development

International platform

The Nom Naturals online store currently operates and delivers to all states in the USA.

Main Goals

Since our client had a very clear idea about the design of the website, our main objective was to create a combination of a product website and an online store that works fast and is easy to use. Our role was focused on the front-end and back-end development – the Nom Naturals eCommerce platform is custom developed by our tech team. It is very much different from the standard WooCommerce themes. Three different product pages have been developed, all available to Nom Naturals to interchange and conduct A/B testing.

User Journey

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First impressions

Nom Naturals homepage strikes with good usability and simplicity in design. The bright colors, irregular shapes, and playful icons create a joyful feeling in the customer. Reviews of satisfied customers boost customers’ confidence in the product. Highly visible call to action buttons navigates the customer to easy order.

Product information

Product benefits

As Nom Naturals offers to its customers one product of high quality, it is essential to have the website’s focal point on the product benefits. The main selling points of the vitamins are displayed in an easy-to-read layout with short and clear sentences. Custom-made icons and illustrations accompany them and bring cheerful character and liveliness to the website.

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Product page

Choose the product

The product page of Nom Naturals is very informative ingredients-wise, including all nutritious and dietary information for the consumer. Suggestions for order quantity, ongoing promotions, and package deals are also available. Moreover, there is a detailed FAQ section on the bottom of the product page to give the customers all the answers in advance.

Checkout process

Place an order

Nom Naturals checkout page is fully customized: shopping cart and checkout are combined together, unlike the standard WooCommerce layout. The page is easy to navigate with no excess information. Clear add and remove functions, user-friendly delivery information fields, easy payment directly on the website – all working smoothly for a hassle-free checkout experience.

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Kids’ vitamins are supposed to be taken on a daily basis. For such types of supplements, subscriptions are a very useful feature. Our team made sure that Nom Naturals vitamins are also available to be purchased as a subscription, using the WooCommerce official subscription plug-in.


Payment Gateway

Nom Naturals is integrated with the Reach Payment Gateway thanks to our own personally developed plug-in that has become the official Reach plug-in for the entire WooCommerce platform.

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Block components

The Nom Naturals eCommerce platform is built entirely in separate blocks, each and every one of them customized to the client’s needs. The blocks are available to be re-used at any location on the website to further expand and develop the store. These components can be used even for creating landing pages, which gives furthermore control and freedom for changes.

Responsive design

Mobile and Desktop

The Nom Naturals eCommerce platform is fully responsive, designed, and built to work smoothly on any device. Making sure customers can get to know the product and place an order from any location is a key factor to having а 100% satisfied customers.