Together with NIK, we introduce precision agriculture technologies on Bulgarian farm market. The innovation and technology meet the user in a unique online experience. NIK is one of the most innovative companies of precision agriculture in Bulgaria, which by an innovative approach, new technologies and products help Bulgarian farmers. Part of the NIK portfolio is some of the world leaders in the production of GPS equipment and irrigation systems for the agricultural sector.NIK innovation in agriculture solutions leads the company from local to international success.






What we did


Front-end Development

Back-end Development


The Challenge

It took us time to understand all the complex methods that stood behind all of NIK work. Developing a product informational website, explaining all technological products and solutions, simple and understandable, wasn’t easy, but with NIK vision and Grind motivation, an amazing solution was born. With a simple design, not complex high-tech terms, and engaging text, we represented NIK agriculture solutions that users easily find and read.

Home Page

The focus of the main page of the website is to educate and explain each innovation, simple and interactively. The first visit leads the user to the homepage of the website where striking photography, structured information and details navigate the user through company mission and vision. Following product information, testimonials and blog articles, the visitor feels as if he knows NIK for a long time.

Product Listing

The machine section in the website works as a filter. The visitor can choose between five options of solutions, before entering product listing. Then the product list appears and an option as Sort by a brand, helps the user find the right solution their business needs.

Single Product

Full descriptions, advantages, technical data, and demo video make choosing high-quality NIK technical products a child play.

Responsive Design

In these technological times, users like to browse on their phones and expect a mobile experience as good as a desktop one. Users said it we did it, they use the NIK website according to their needs. Our responsive designs are not just scaled to fit a mobile device, but with the unique point towards the innovation and technology that NIK provides.