Mr Pizza


In 2016 Mr. Pizza had few successful restaurants in Sofia but they didn’t provide an option to order their products online, which was a big mistake as they were very popular in the city. They needed to close the gap quickly and asked Grind to develop a platform for easy communication between all of their restaurants and their online users.





PHP with Laravel framework

What we did

Wireframing & UX


Front End Development

Back End Development

The Challenge

We knew the user experience would be the first part to consider. In our research, we found only one competitor who was in a good market position at that time. All of the others were relying on a long list with checks and forms. We saw the new website as an opportunity to differentiate the brand through the development of a shopping platform that gives to the users convenience and entertainment making the site a powerful sales tool.

Homepage helps you get there when you are hungry and nervous

You need no more than 2 minutes from the homepage to the “Finish order” button.

Actually, the big challenge in that project was exactly that. To deliver fast working and easily accessible food ordering process.

Products Listing

Choose your favorite meal and add it to your cart easily.

Finish the order

Choose the delivery address, payment method, add any comment.

"Responsive eating" is easy task