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Lukoil Bulgaria is the leader in the distribution of Bulgarian fuels, polymers, and petrochemicals of European quality manufactured by Lukoil Neftochim Burgas. With more than 200 petrol stations, both its own and franchise, the Lukoil chain of petrol stations is the most dynamically growing company on the Bulgarian market of liquid fuels. It offers its clients high-quality products, excellent service, and comfort. The company contacted us to develop its official careers platform.






What we did

UI/UX Design

Front-end Development

Back-end Development

Main goals

The main task was to design and develop the official careers platform where the company could publish their vacant job positions and people can apply for the positions directly. The platform also communicates the core values of Lukoil, advantages of the work environment the company offers, and success stories of employees. The careers website had to be simple but informative, with a modern look and personal touch towards the future employees. We’ve created a platform with a focus on the most valuable asset of every company – the people.

User Journey

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Welcome to Lukoil careers

Lukoil careers website strikes with modern layout, clear and simple design. Users can find everything they need right from the very first glance at the platform. Following the latest trends, Lukoil’s core values are presented with a video to help people understand and feel better about the brand identity. The quick search box facilitates job hunting for the users offering precise sorting by location and type of position.

The Employer

As with every career platform, one of the most important aspects is the representation of the employer. We’ve dedicated a separate page on Lukoil as an employer focusing on the company’s values and the care for its employees. The top social and health benefits are displayed with custom-designed cards and icons to properly communicate the company’s will to continuously improve the work environment for its current and future staff members.

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Success stories

Reading about a company is one thing, but hearing about it from the employees themselves gives a whole other perspective. The stories about the personal experience of individual current staff members give people a trusted inside view of the work environment. The personal touch is enhanced with real individual photos of the employees and their opinion on the company and how it improved their life.

Open positions

Naturally, another important aspect of a career platform is the display of current open positions. We’ve divided them into two categories to facilitate the job search – administrative positions and positions for specific petrol station locations. Each category includes a brief description and a list of the positions and locations available.

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Optimized position search

People look for jobs based on different criteria. That is the reason we’ve included various types of search such as positions listed by type of job, optimized search box for positions, and interactive map.

Position overview

Each open position comes with detailed description including location, job specifications, social and health benefits offered by Lukoil and requirements for applying. Users can also find a personal success story of a current staff member working at the same position to further picture the position in question.

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Job application

Applying for a job can be tedious. That is what we’ve made sure to simplify the process as much as possible limiting down the process to a quick and easy application form. A couple of required fields with basic information and clear instructions and the application is submitted. Quick and easy, no unnecessary procedures. 

Responsive platform

Mobile and desktop

In a mobile governed world responsive design is a must. Lukoil careers platform works smoothly and looks amazing on both desktop and mobile to ensure easy and fast job hunting from any location.