Connecting Hyundai with the next generation of drivers. We brought visitors into the Hyundai world of innovation and lifestyle through interactivity and fresh design.
Hyundai is one of the most popular auto manufacturers worldwide. You know that, aren’t you? But you do not know that “Hyundai” name is coming from the Korean word 現代, which means “innovation”.
The client came to us with the request to implement its new worldwide visual identity to its Bulgarian website. Once the designs were finalized, we moved forward with the custom development (based on Laravel framework) of the site which included a number of intuitive and dynamic functionality.


PHP with Laravel framework




What we did


Front end development

Back end

Grind CMS Implemented

The Challenge

From a communication point of view the main challenge was to explain each innovation that happens in the new models of Hyundai, in a way that anybody could understand. We wanted to stay away from technical terms explaining how these complicated technologies work. Instead of that, we have chosen to represent the innovation with more images and interactions with the user.

Meet your new vehicle in the best way

The first visit leads the user to the homepage of the website where the main focus is over the new Hyundai models, the current promo packages and of course a piece of innovation.

Real test drive experience

On the inside page of every car, you can feel the car, listen to the sound, personalize it how it will satisfy your taste.
This virtual showroom brings clients closer to vehicles than ever before.


Switch on / off the headlights

image for section

Show safety features

The same user experience on all screen sizes

Choose a car

Car review