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RAM is a US brand of light to mid-weight commercial vehicles. Dodge is an American automobile manufacturer and a division of Stellantis, based in Auburn Hills, Michigan. RAM was spun off from the Dodge brand, using the name of the Ram Pickup line of trucks. The long history of both brands is hard to describe in a few sentences so the best thing to do is browse the website and explore the extraordinary Dodge Durango and RAM 1500 – there is no better way to understand the brand than to drive these extraordinary vehicles, bred for performance.





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What we did

UI & UX Design

Front-end Development

Back-end Development

Main goals

The main goal that Dodge & RAM set for us was to develop the official website for Dodge & RAM Bulgaria, a virtual showroom for these two excellent cars: Dodge Durango and RAM 1500. Using all the best web strategies, we transformed the physical showroom into a digital experience. Our goal was to make sure the user is informed about every aspect of the vehicle: interior, exterior, technical specifications, performance data, color options, 360 degrees view of the auto and test drive order.

User Journey

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For the love of cars

The robust features and character of the Dodge & RAM vehicles are visible right from the very first glance at the website. Classic contrast colors or red, white and black, bold typography, and incredibly realistic imagery of the trucks convey immediately the strong brand identity.

Product page

The cars

The product pages of the two extraordinary cars, the Dodge Durango and the RAM 1500 impress with beautiful design, functionality, and detailed information. We have combined technical data with expressive images and cool design to make sure the online identity of the car reflects perfectly the raw, but luxurious feel of the cars.

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Digital showroom

Choosing a car is a complex process. Our solution was to create a digital showroom of Dodge and RAM including all aspects of a car such as exterior, interior, safety, and the technology under the car cover. Why then go to the showroom, when you’ve got it all online?

Book a test drive

One simply cannot buy a car without trying it first on the road, or in the case of Dodge & RAM – off the road. We’ve made sure customers can schedule a test drive directly on the website. Just a couple of required fields to fill in and a test drive of these high-performance trucks is booked. Simple and easy, no hassle, no unnecessary chit-chat.

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Responsive design

Mobile and desktop

The Dodge & RAM online platform is fully responsive, designed, and built to work smoothly on any device – phone, tablet, or pc. Making sure customers can get to know the product from any location is a key factor to having 100% satisfied customers.