Biotrade Cosmeceutical is a unique cosmetic brand that provides high-quality dermatological solutions for every skin type. They are dedicated to developing solutions for specific skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation, excessive sweating, dandruff, hair loss, and more. A brand that believes in health and natural beauty using the latest technology breakthroughs.








What we did

UI / UX Design

Front end Development

Back end Development

ERP Integration

WooCommerce Development

Multimarket online store

The eCommerce platform operates in multiple markets: Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Romania, Greece, Germany, and Spain.

Main Goals

Our team relaunched Biotrade online store and developed a completely new design with better user experience and improved customer experience. The new eCommerce solution gives the company the ability to scale up its business. Moreover, now we are now developing and very soon launching, an innovative website dedicated to Biotrade B2B customers.

User Journey

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Welcome to Biotrade

When entering the online store, the first thing users have a glimpse onto, are banners showing the brand’s hottest offers. When they scroll down, the main page emphasizes promotional items, best-selling products, and information about Biotrade. The online store home page keeps users’ attention with simple UX and gentle design.

Product listing

Product catalog

Beautiful design and great usability are the focal points in the listings with Biotrade products. Clear categorization facilitates the smooth navigation in the wide variety of creams, serums, and other skin cosmetics. 

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Product page

Single product

When a customer clicks on one of the products, they are redirected to the product page. Simple UX, elegant design, and detailed information about every product, together with features like “You may also like these products” give Biotrade users a calm and satisfying experience.

Shopping cart


A user-friendly shopping cart is a must for any good eCommerce platform. Easy add & remove options and access from any location in the online store make the Biotrade shopping bag a perfect solution for the best customer experience.

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Checkout process

Order and payment

The magic in every eCommerce store happens on the checkout page. Shopping cart abandonment is the main problem in every online store. That’s why we simplified the checkout process as much as possible which makes it easier to convert it to order.


Shopping cart upsell

The shopping cart upsell allows for laser-targeted offers of products relevant to the items already in the cart, at the perfect time in the order process. It gently helps your customers buy more, increasing your average order value.

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Checkout upsell

The checkout upsell is a very useful feature for any online store. It enables the business to further motivate customers to purchase an upgrade or addition to their product. This happens in a quick and non-distracting way with a display of promotions and related products on sale right below the payment and delivery fields on the checkout page.


Post checkout upsell

The one-click upsell after checkout secures more sales, therefore, increases the average order value without extra costs for ads and marketing tools. This feature harnesses the power of impulse buying and has the highest conversion rate of any other offer location.

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Responsive design

Desktop and Mobile

Following current trends, the Biotrade online store has a responsive design so that it can be accessible on every device without compromising quality.

Client review

“They’re solution-oriented, whereas many other companies said the project would cost a lot more or wasn’t feasible. The new website works great and can do so many new things, like setting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. On Black Friday, three days after we launched, we generated a threefold growth in turnover compared to 2018. We directed more people to the site, and they were able to complete their purchases. It’s an entirely different universe.”