Crafting an advanced e-commerce site for a rising awareness about beekeeping and supporting beekeepers to market their products.

As we all know, bees are significant for the health of people and the planet. They are essential for the functioning of entire ecosystems. That’s why Istinski Med is on a mission to protect the bees, to support beekeepers & small sustainable farmers to receive a premium price for a premium product and to deliver delicious honey.




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What we did

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Back end development

WooCommerce Development

Warehouse system integration

Goals and Challenges

It all started with a great initiative!

Aiming to support this great business initiative, we earned the difficult task of creating a heart-moving and immersive experience to educate people about the importance of protecting bees.


The goal of this project was not only to build awareness among the audience but to help Bulgarian beekeepers to sell their products at fair prices, as also to help consumers obtain 100% pure real honey with guaranteed quality and origin.


In order for us to achieve this ambitious goal, we created a website functionality and design that make a difference. 


Our Approach

Approach & Solution

Website Functionality and Design

Our approach was to build an interactive, informative, online shopping environment with a mission to save bees and support beekeepers.


We adapted this innovative business idea to the modern digital world by focusing our efforts on creating an interactive user experience that attracts customers to purchase organically made honey, improves the conversion rate, and boosts sales.


To facilitate and improve the current website, we built a meaningful user journey with simplified and automated processes.  

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Approach & Solution

Building a journey

We believe that it’s all about the details. That’s why we crafted a hyper-personalized customer experience that makes a difference. 


We built a custom eCommerce platform with innovative design and functionalities that attract and engage website visitors.


What makes this website unique are the three main features: Support the bees, Product Subscription, and a Simple Purchase alternative.

Interactive Dashboard 

We take the user journey to the next level by building a multi-functional interactive dashboard. Through their personal account, users can support a beekeeper, choose where to purchase the honey from, create an attractive custom label for their honey jars and access exclusive materials like videos, recipes, and digital souvenirs.

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Adopting a hive

Saving Bees Subscription

The platform allows the customers to become part of the change. For a small investment, the user can subscribe to a 12-month honey plan and choose between a monthly, quarterly, or yearly payment option, and the box of these delicious jars will be delivered straight to their door.


By adopting a honeybee hive, the users not only subscribe for a plan and receive sustainably farmed honey directly to their table, but they can also rename the apiary, check its status, location, and temperature in real-time from the interactive dashboard. The virtual beekeepers can also book a visit to their hive and have the opportunity to meet the honey farmers and the mother bee.

Honey Store

Adding to Card

The website is designed with the user in mind. The interactive design brings functionality and intuitive navigation. It takes only 4 clicks to purchase delicious and healthy organically made honey! The platform makes it easy for users to order honey from different farms and beekeepers.

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Honey Store

Checkout Process

The checkout process is the most important step in the user journey, and cart abandonment is often a problem for online stores.


To increase the conversion rate and make it easy for consumers to complete their orders, we implemented a simple, intuitive, and most importantly, short checkout process. We have applied the best practices aiming to deliver a great user experience.


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Responsive Design

Desktop & Mobile Friendliness

We built a responsive design to ensure an appealing user experience through any screen layout and size. The main idea was to guarantee desktop and mobile friendliness at a different level.

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The ultimate goal was to integrate the platform with useful tools that can improve the internal and external processes. 

Multimarket platform


Istinski Med is ready for the next step of the journey! The business is going to expand internationally by adopting a multimarket strategy. The main idea is to focus on raising awareness about their initiative, enter new markets, gain new consumers, and increase revenue.


We support the initiative!

🐝   We are beekeepers!